Why you should consider outsourcing your CFO and accounting to Nexus Square?

Cost Savings

Since accounting processes are too complicated yet very substantial parts within an organization, staffing an entire accounting department with new workforce will involve budget-draining recruitment and training. To avoid this, an organization outsources entire or part of the whole accounting functions to save considerable amount on operating costs.

Improve Efficiency in Your Operations

When it comes to your start-up, improving the efficiency of your operations can boost your bottom line as well as increase your competitiveness. 


We research and understand the best cloud based technologies in the marketplace, and determine how they can work together to provide seamless integration for maximum operational efficiency and accuracy.

Access to Best Talent

If your company has closed a seed round of funding or is earning more than $250K per year, you need a CFO to handle your financial strategy. Even if you’re not yet funded or earning significant revenue, you may still be in need of CFO services. 

Depending on your needs, a consulting CFO may be able to help with financial projections, cash forecasts, operating budgets, financial plans, pricing, reporting, debt management, M&A, equity and debt negotiations and liquidations.

Real-time Dashboard and Reporting

Too many business owners are frustrated with their accountants because they don't get timely and accurate financial data to help run their business, make decisions or prepare of an upcoming financing transaction.

We provide online tools so you can access your financial data when you want, where you want, on any device. You’re free to be mobile – not chained to your desktop.

Year End & Tax Filing

Your accounting team will package up all your financial statements at year end, so you don't have to scramble. We’ll ensure that your taxes are filed and paid, and keep you in compliance so you can avoid unpleasant conversations with the IRS.

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